Rap feat. Footshop LS white DEFINITION

"Featuring" stands for taking part, cooperating, being involved in something.

Rap and Footshop brands have been supporting each other for years - be it mutual promotion or physical sales of products in situ. Both literally and figuratively, they remain very close as they share the same vision and even the same building. To start collaborating on a larger scale was merely a matter of time.

This brand new joint venture is born as "Featuring" — pure and straightforward typography emphasized by the print on black and white fabrics, expressly tailored for this unique one-off design partnership.

Made in Czech republic

Composition: 100% cotton
Weight: 190g/m2

Dimensions: width | length | length of the sleeve
S: 51cm | 69cm | 58cm
M: 54cm | 71cm | 59cm
L: 58cm | 73cm | 60cm
XL: 62cm | 74cm | 61cm
XXL: 65cm | 76cm | 62cm

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Brand name: Rap
Category: T-shirts